Night hunting

Hunting with night vision. Is it legal?

If you are a hunter, you probably at least once had a desire to hunt not only during the day but also to tempt your strength in night hunting. Supposedly, it is so, but are you familiar with the nuances of such a hunt? After all, there are places where applying such accessories is forbidden, …

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Great devices useful for night hunting

Does daytime hunting bring you adrenaline? I think the answer is positive. But have you ever tried night hunting? This is the entirely different level that brings other emotions and impressions. This type of hunting requires training and equipment. Our vision is not perfect at night, so some devices are used to overcome this deficiency …

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Night hunting safety tips

Darkness always increases danger, and night hunting is not an exception. Weapons are the main attribute of the hunt, and they can bring discomfort as well as helping to achieve the goal. Several tips will be set out below to improve the quality of hunting and increase its safety for life. Tip 1. First of …

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