Great devices useful for night hunting

Does daytime hunting bring you adrenaline? I think the answer is positive. But have you ever tried night hunting? This is the entirely different level that brings other emotions and impressions. This type of hunting requires training and equipment. Our vision is not perfect at night, so some devices are used to overcome this deficiency and increase the quality of hunting. Many complementary devices for hunting are commonly used: binoculars, monoculars, thermal imagers, and sights.

Let’s take a look at night vision rifle scopes first. They are similar in construction to monoculars. Outwardly the device looks like a spyglass with a screen for one eye. They also have a reticle and the ability to fixate on the weapon. The range of vision for this type of NV device is about 250-300 meters on average, which coincides with the scope’s capacity. To make the image clearer, ordinary glass metal alloys and ceramic plates are used. They are made of durable materials, and as a result – good impact resistance. Additional illumination is often required to obtain a good image. It has a unique mount and can be attached to a weapon.

The next thing we will look at is thermal imagers. Such an accessory allows you to see the temperature of a particular object compared to neighboring things, whose temperature is different from the first one. Their main difference is that they are orientated by the heat released from the body and do not depend on ambient light. All objects whose temperature is higher than the temperature of absolute zero emit electromagnetic radiation, which is captured by this device. It sees things through snow, in conditions of darkness, fog, rain, etc. A thermal imager can even spot people in camouflage. In the matrix of the thermal imager is a bolometric mechanism of operation, and its optics are made of zinc selenide or special chalcogenide glass so that infrared light is focused and the visible one is not transmitted.

This device provides binocular vision, unlike monoculars, which allows you to discount better what you see. Night vision binoculars have a shorter range than conventional devices. They have a function of multiple magnifications, which provides several advantages while hunting. The binoculars consist of two objectives, two eyepieces, and two image intensifier tubes.

Night vision monoculars – they consist of 1lens, one magnifier. This is the most multipurpose device that can be taken for night hunting because monoculars are compact, and they can be held not only in hands or on a helmet of the head but also can be mounted on a rifle. It differs from other equipment by observing with one eye into the lens and holding the device in one hand. It is super convenient that you can be aware of what is happening outside the vision of the monocle, as you can look into the lens with one eye and leave the other one open for observation at the same time.

What conclusion can we create after reading? Night vision devices significantly improve the quality of hunting and make it easier; there are different types of such equipment, all of them are perfect in their way. Which device to choose is up to you, but each of them will become your best friend on the hunt.

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