How Do Night Vision Goggles Work?

As children, most children had a dream of becoming super hero. Everyone wanted to have super abilities. Isn’t it? Of course, for a child, this is something incredible. But today, we can make this childhood dream a reality. For example, to see in the dark. Night vision goggles will help us cope with this. With them, we can see all that we cannot see with the naked eye in the dark. In this article, we will introduce you and tell you how they work, the advantages, and the types of night vision goggles.

How Do NVGS Work?

The main advantage of the equipment is that the hands remain free. The device put on the head does not cause discomfort, and in the bag, they will not take up much space, which is also very convenient.

In principle, glasses of any type work on a straightforward guide.   The equipment works based on an electro-optic transducer. This element amplifies the reflected light (or this infrared radiation, or the tiniest glare of light) hundreds and thousands of times and depicts a ready-made bright picture. But if in more detail, the process of the glasses begins with photo electronics. These particles fall on a lens system that will direct all the electrons to a glass plate of photovoltaic material. It has many small holes and photoelectrons hitting them increase the number of electrons. Because of this, this part of the device is called a photomultiplier. As you understand, as a result of this process, many electrons were formed, and they will become the primary source of creating a bright picture.

You can use glasses as hand binoculars, but this device’s most popular use case is wearing on your head.   For this type of night device, a ripping system is provided. Its advantage lies in the comfort of using night vision goggles. Glasses have two lenses, so the horizons, thanks to them, will be broader than that of monoculars and sights.

The device contains a massive number of additional functions, for examples, such as digital focusing, rangefinder, and much more. Focusing can be done manually but not distracted from the process; it is enough to turn on the autofocus function. And the part of the rangefinder will quickly calculate the distance between you and the target. Also, if you wish, you can replace the lens of your device with a wide-angle one (provided that it is one). There are some drawbacks to such a lens. For example, you will not get such a high image quality as with a narrow-angle lens due to insufficient focus. Therefore, before using this lens, think about the purpose of purchasing it.

What two types of technology are used for night vision goggles?

In the work of glasses, a lot depends on the technology you use. There are two types of technologies – image enhancement and thermal imaging. Of course, their images are coordinately different. In this article, we will analyze each technology, the principles of their work, and which technology is suitable for a particular situation.

For example, imagine that you are in a night forest and around from the light sources only the moon and the stars. Someone will probably think that this will not help you consider the surroundings, but we assure you that this is not the case. Thanks to image enhancement technology, you will be able to see everything that surrounds you and not worry about eye fatigue. That’s because night vision devices use screens that produce green images, and it is this color that our eyes are easier to perceive and not so tired over a long period. This device technology is very convenient to use at night, in the dark for hunters and law enforcement agencies.

There is also another technology – thermal imaging. It is very convenient to search for living beings in the area. The principle of its work is to capture infrared light. Or, more precisely, infrared light is the heat that any living body emits. Thanks to this technology, you can see the silhouette of a person, an animal, in any area despite the interference. Let it be a thick fog. Deciding on the trees will not prevent you from seeing the goal. The only thing that can prevent you from recognizing infrared radiation is glass and walls. They do not pass radiation, making it impossible to see the object. Summing up, we advise you to use this technology to search for living beings, but not to view the surroundings. For this purpose, you should use a different technical logic.

Before buying a device, we want to advise you to pay attention to such things as the adjustable distance between lenses, video, and photo shooting mode.  We advise you to take care of your eyes and choose only high-quality night vision devices that will not harm your health.

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